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Need to advance your career, improve your skills, or stay on top of developments in the business world? HBS's free Career and Trending@HBS webinars are just the ticket. Throughout the academic year, HBS hosts guest speakers who are expert in a range of career and professional development topics and faculty members and other distinguished speakers who discuss major business news or provide updates on the HBS campus and curriculum as seen through the lens of HBS research and faculty expertise.

Please note: The webinar series require LEFA login for viewing.

Are you an HBS female graduate living in Colorado? If so, the HBS Club of Colorado is proud to announce the formation of a sub-group, HBS Women of Colorado. By opting-in to the group, you will receive targeted communications from the club regarding items of interest such as news and events. You can opt-out at any time. For more information or to offer suggestions for the group, please feel free to email Melissa Grossman (HBS 1998).